Back in full swing.

Hmm, I really do have a dull life, I mean I was particularly busy this week, but it’s all stuff that you wouldn’t want to know about. I really should takes notes on this stuff, for now though, I’ll be content to just speak about what I can.

Monday: Monday was MLK day, so I didn’t have to go to school, horray!

Tuesday: Quite boring, I did nothing exciting, but I did write some and also worked on getting my channel together, along with watching Fairy Tail.

Wednesday: Doing Random things and not caring.

Thursday: I had a visit from a friend on this day, it made my dull day a little brighter, I also managed to watch the last episode of Sherlock season three.

Friday: My sister’s boyfriend came over, it’s fun to scare that kid.

Saturday: I did lots of things, most of them were things I didn’t want to do. But on the upside, My best friend did visit me, and we went to go see a movie along with my brother. We watched The secret life of Walter Mitty, If you haven;t seen it then I suggest you do, it’s amazing.

Sunday: homework, and I was basically hooked to social media all day. :(

I’m sorry it’s short this week, But I’m tired and bored, which is also how most of my week was, I’ll try to get a more interesting life going, but for now, take it how it is.

Good luck guys


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