I wish I could take a vacation.

Ok so you guys might be wondering (Though probably not) Why I missed posting last week, well let me explain myself. Between school and a crazy weekend I totally spaced on writing. So after school was over, my sister had a graduation that Friday. I had to dress up nice which I utterly despise doing, also my brother had come over to attend the graduation as well. Now normally when I have to attend an event like this, I just sit in the corner and don’t speak to anyone while I keep the time, but in this case it was different. See my best friend appeared at this event as well, and I hadn’t seem him for a few months, so we chatted a lot. In the end we convinced our parents to let him spend the night at my house. This only slightly protected me from the explosion that happened to following day.

My mom had had enough of the way the house was looking because no one was there to take care of it, we were always at school. She got mad, real mad, and a lot of things were said that most of us would regret for the next 6 hours. It was a bad day, it even carried on into Sunday, so with all the stress I just totally forgot to write.

This week was a little different, I had my typical boring school week, but this weekend was a four-day weekend because of labor day. My brother disappeared Thursday night to spend the weekend with my other brother, and I was left to handle everything basically. While he was gone I fixed the house phones, cleaned my room, painted the downstairs bathroom, put a mirror in the hall, hung a hook in my sister’s room, replaced the shower head in the upstairs bathroom, replaced the stove light, and even fixed my parent’s toilet. I was freaking busy this weekend, I barely got any homework done.

Anyways, I’m hoping the rest of this month will be less dramatic and far more chill, I also hope that I can get away from the house one of these weekends. But as always, I wish you all the best of luck in whatever it is that you do.

Until next time.



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